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Car Inspection Go/No-Go Gauge

$25.00 each

Wheel Go/No-Go Gauge

Speed up your race inspection and make it consistent!

Our Car Inspection Go/No-Go Gauge will help you improve your race by providing a consistent and quick way to inspect each car.

Our unique gauge design allows you to measure:

  • Car Dimensions – If the car fits fully inside the gauge (with the door closed), then the car meets the standard dimensional limits of 2-3/4" max width, 7" max length, 1-3/4" min wheel spacing, and the selected height limit that the gauge is set to. The height checker is adjustable (3", 4" and 5") to ensure the car will clear under your finish line timer.
  • Underbody Clearance – If the bottom of the car clears the underbody clearance checker, then the car meets the minimum 3/8" underbody clearance.
  • Wheelbase – If your organization has restrictions on wheelbase, you can make marks on the sides of the gauge. You can then compare the car wheelbase with those marks.
  • Start Pin Compliance – Allows for checking the front of the car to make sure that no part of it will extend past the leading edge of the start pin or over it. This helps ensure a fair start for all cars.
  • Other Checks – The open sides of the gauge allow you to visually check the wheels and/or other components for compliance with organization-specific regulations.

Assembly and Usage:

Refer to the assembly and usage instructions at Car Inspection Go/No-Go Gauge Assembly and Usage.

Note: Car not included (of course).

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